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wedding(photo by Nancy Bay)

Lost Creek performing at the
2012 Clatskanie Bluegrass Festival.
Good times and hot weather!

Lost Creek cutting loose on Sally Goodin at the Mississippi Pizza Pub in Portland, Oregon. (Filmed by eight-year-old Kayla.)


The boys enjoying the fine atmosphere at Jen and Nick's wedding
(photo by Joshua Rainey)

"We wanted to thank you and the rest of Lost Creek again for the great job at our wedding ... you guys were an essential part of making the wedding so much fun."

Jen and Nick
Eugene, Oregon

Here's a video of Lost Creek at the Eastside Bluegrass Concert Series in Portland, Oregon. 


Kirk (our mandolin player) recently booked us at the SpringRidge senior home in Wilsonville, Oregon, where his great aunt resides. It was a good excuse for Kirk to visit and show off his fine picking and singing ... a very fun evening for all.

A ruptured tailpiece forced Brian and Will to perform emergency bass surgery at a private party in Hillsboro, Oregon. 

They borrowed a drill and some bailing wire and resurrected the bass just in time for the show to start. A somewhat crazy beginning to a really fun party! Happy birthday, Bob!


ridgefield 2008

Lost Creek outside jamming in the Fall sunshine after
performing in the 2008 Ridgefield Bluegrass Festival

Here's part of a nice email we received from an audience member following the 2008 Ridgefield Bluegrass Festival:

"Hello gentlemen,
Thank you for the beautiful music. You gentlemen are so good ... I can still hear the heavenly fiddle, the banjo, the sweet guitar, and bass, the mandolin, and the one celestial voice that so captured my heart."

Luisa Whitman
Longview, Washington

We haven't made a CD just yet, but we do have some fancy new stickers! They're especially good for patching leaks and removing lint from your sweater. Ask for some at one of our shows!



Lost Creek performing at the Gresham Little Theater

"Lost Creek was the first group up and did the audience welcome them! The band did a great job of entertaining with their excellent instrumentals and vocals and of course Kirk Miller's special brand of humor."

Sharon Sandgren
(GLT Producer / Musician)

Here's Lost Creek, with special guest Fred Coates, just before performing in the 2007 Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival band contest.

We ended up taking third place and were actually pretty happy about it. After all, we placed along with two of the very best northwest bands, Runaway Train and The Hakanson Family. We had a great time and we pulled off a Bob Dylan song to boot!


(L-R) Brian, Dave, Will, Fred, Kirk


Lost Creek performing at the 2007 Ridgefield Bluegrass Festival


"Jamming with Lost Creek was one of my favorite festival memories, very cool. After their stage performance, Lost Creek entered an empty Pioneer Street Cafe and drew a huge crowd with a tight jam.

In less than 1/2 hour, after they started playing, the cafe had a waiting line! The Cafe owner (Retired Clark College President Ellis Dunn) sent a round of beers out to the band as the jamming continued.

I had to regretfully leave the jam, after about an hour to attend to some festival duties. Lost Creek was a huge hit at Ridgefield. They are a great Bluegrass band and a pleasure to work with."

Tim Dawdy
(Ridgefield Festival Producer, 2006)

Here's Lost Creek, with special guest Gretchen Amann, playing to a bustling crowd at the downtown Portland Farmer's Market.

Bluegrass, sunny weather, nice people, and local produce are a perfect match. We always have a great time playing at this market.

portlan fm

(L-R) Grant, Gretchen, Dave, Brian

solar now event

Kirk and Grant at the Solar Now Event on top of Portland's EcoTrust building

"What an excellent show! We are very thankful we had the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for the fun atmosphere that you created."

Jennifer Yocum
(Solar Now Event Organizer)

"As part of our marketing campaign, I named a creek after us in northern wisconsin a few days ago (attached)."

... sent in by bass-man Will during one of his many road trips.

will in wisconsin


Brian, Grant, and Dave at Fearless Brewing Co. in Estacada, Oregon

"This acoustic band is a favorite of Fearless Brewing Company regulars. Bluegrass is a passion for them and it shows. They pack 'em in every performance, and a good time is had by all."

Ken Johnson
(Fearless Brewing Co. Owner)

Yes, we're named after a real creek. It's located somewhere near the town of Dexter in the middle of Oregon. It's an idyllic and bluegrassy place where our very talented banjo player and vocalist, Dave Dowdy, spent his youthful years.



kirk and grant

(L-R) Rob, Dave, Grant, Brian

Here's the original Lost Creek, with bassist Rob Downie, after we performed at the Tygh Valley Bluegrass Festival in 2006. Rob was forced to retire from the band in the Winter of 2006/07. We were sorry to see him go.

Lost Creek was reborn in the Spring of 2007 with the addition of two new talented members, Kirk Miller (mandolin/vocals) and Will Rausch (bass/vocals). Brian moved over to the fiddle spot and the new Lost Creek (wait for it) was found.